News from Advanced Electrical Solutions

Who is qualified to perform electrical work and electrical repairs in your house or place of business? Is a handyman qualified? What about the owner of the house or building? The correct answer is a licensed electrical contractor. The dictionary defines “qualified” as “skilled”. An individual must undergo hours of classroom training and hands-on the job experience before being eligible to take the test to become a licensed journeyman electrician. These individuals are professionals.

Our homes are where our families spend most of their time. It is often our greatest financial investment. While electrical safety should be a priority at home, we sometimes let our guard down because of lack of knowledge, time, or lack of funds.

For example, while remodeling the kitchen, the carpenter or handyman you hired said he is capable of moving a couple of outlets to a different location. So you just hire him to do the little bit of electrical work there is, thinking that you may have saved some money. But many times, this is when things are done incorrectly and not to current electrical codes, because the individual is not properly trained in the electrical field. We get a lot of trouble calls because things where not done right in the first place.

Electrical safety is everyone’s concern, and we all need to take an active role in making sure it is not compromised, especially in periods of economic instability. That’s why we perform electrical inspections on both residences and places of business. This involves pulling every switch and plug out of the wall and visually inspecting the wiring and terminations. All fans, a/c units, pumps, transformers, panels, and everything else electrical get tested and inspected.

History has proven that electrical equipment and wiring are subject to the same corrosive elements that affect all things here on our beautiful island. Age is not the only determining factor for when electrical apparatus has seen it’s better days. Better safe than sorry!… as the adage goes.

History has also proven that a coordinated pro-active effort in keeping your electrical equipment and devices clean and up-to-date often result in less expenses incurred during the year. For the cost of just one or two service calls, most families could have upgraded their property with new devices that look better, work better and are guaranteed. If you happen to be one of these unfortunate persons that needed an electrical service call or two, you would then be faced with the upgrade charge at a later date too!!! Not a good situation to be in. Call now and take a proactive approach to you and your families safety and convenience.

I’m done writing for the week, we’ve been pretty busy and it’s all greatly appreciated but I’m beat so… see you in two weeks.