Kauai residential electrical servicesAdvanced Electrical Solutions provides the utmost in customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on leaving the home or area of work in a cleaner condition than we found it. We treat every home as though it were our own and only do electrical work in a fashion that would be acceptable to the electrical inspection authorities, the National Electric Code and as if it were our own home.

A listing of some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Emergency service calls of all kinds…..any time of day
  • Installation and testing of all types of electrical devices and fixtures.
    * Ceiling fans
    * Solar electric power systems
    * GFCI outlets
    * Lighting fixtures
    * Kohler emergency power generators
    * A/C units
    * Water heaters
  • Circuit breaker panel inspections, trouble shooting and upgrades. Including torqueing all terminations per UL requirements, ampere readings, voltage and rotation readings, and thermal heat readings along with a complete and thorough visual inspection. This service should be performed at least every five (5) years…depending on usage and location. Many house fires could be avoided with proper care of the electrical system. Electrical equipment is like any other. Maintenance is always necessary! Please don’t get caught off guard, call for an inspection today.
  • Electric service upgrades
  • Security system installations
  • Kohler emergency generator installations and maintenance programs
  • Kauai residential electrical servicesInsurance inspections
  • Fire and Water damage restoration
  • Home Theater installations
  • Complete house wiring…new home, addition or renovation