Safety 1st

Advanced Electrical Solutions places SAFETY FIRST!!! Your safety, our safety, everyone’s safety.


  • Never touch any outdoor wires with your body or any other objects.
  • Watch out for overhead lines if you’re climbing, if you’re using a ladder, or any other tall objects.
  • Keep electrical appliances and toys away from all sources of water.
  • Watch out for damaged cords on outside (or inside) electrical equipment.
  • Stay away from electric fences
  • When unplugging something, always pull by the plug not by the cord.
  • Limit the number of plugs into each outlet.
  • Watch out for damaged plugs.
  • Never let cords run through doorways or under carpets.

AFCI Virtual Demonstration

Each year in the United States, arcing faults are responsible for starting more than 30,000 home fires. These fires kill and injure hundreds of people, and cause over $750 million in property damage. Many of these fires can be prevented by arc fault circuit interrupters, or AFCIs.

Counterfeits Can Kill

Jointly produced by ESFI and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), this 8-minute feature contains footage of some examples of dangerous counterfeit electrical products and outlines specific recommendations for manufacturers, distributors, government officials and consumers.